EUMT Techcross Scandinavia is the Scandinavian representative for Techcross Inc.

EUMT Techcross Scandinavia – 40 years of experience in retrofit

EUMT is the daily Techcross contact to our customers in the Nordic countries. We are a Technical Marine and consultancy company – who provides a long range of engineering, analyzes, and retrofit services – including high-end technical marine products – to ship owners and their managers worldwide. We have specialized in assisting ship owners and ship managers worldwide – and we offer naval architect services – with the focus to handle the many new rules and challenges imposed to ship owners and the technical marine industry.

EUMT is also the abbreviation for European Marine Tech, who is one of Europe’s most experiences retrofit consultants with more than 40 years of shipping experience. The company address is in Svendborg, on the Funen South Coast of Denmark. This is a perfect location to serve Techcross clients in Norway, Sweden, Faroe Island, Finland, and Denmark. We are working with a close network of suppliers which enables us to handle all sizes and types of projects, stretching all the way from early consultancy to in depth analyzes via engineering and physical installation work.

EUMT Techcross has become globally well known for its market analyzes and reports.

Challenges on the BWTS retrofit market

EUMT published a market analyze in June 2021 that predicts a 900% increase in the global BWTS retrofit activity. This will be the result while 35.000 vessels worldwide are now in a hurry to retrofit a ballast water system before expiry of the vessels IOPP certificate, and latest before September 8.th. 2024. 

In a global perspective we saw up to 2021 some 100-125 BWTS retrofits being completed every month. Looking forward from today and until deadline September 8.th 2024, then these numbers will explode and call for 1000 retrofits to be completed every month! This will be a challenge for the entire industry – for ship owners, suppliers, classification societies, naval architects, and shipyards. The risk for bottlenecks in both equipment and retrofit capacity will be a clear and present risk for the vessel’s operation, when the excisting IOPP certificate expires.

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