Is the Scandinavian representative for Techcross Korea. EUMT have a long prehistory in the marine retrofit market.

We are here tomorrow – and we are here in 10 years!

More than 4.500 sold Techcross systems already in 2021, a number expected to multiply several times during the coming years – is your guarantee for global after sales service and future spare part supplies. Techcross is the world’s largest ballast water system manufacturer and therefore your long-lasting partner.


The Full Flow ECS

ECS (Electro-Cleen™ System) is a BMWS using direct electrolysis technology. Since Techcross received basic approval from the IMO for the world’s first BWMS in 2006, the company has been providing this optimal..


The Side Stream system - HYCHLOR

HYCHLOR (ECS-HYCHLOR™ System) is a BMWS using indirect electrolysis technology. Techcross has enabled high efficiency for its proprietary electrodes; to respond to various customer needs, the company developed..

Techcross have the highest disinfection rate on the BWTS market

This is the only filterless full flow electrolysis ballast water system on the market, powerful enough to disinfect your ballast water in one filterless operation. This is possible due to the Techcross own patented ECU.


Why choose Techcross?

Why spend power, work time and expensive fuel to treat your ballast water twice? Techcross have no holding time and will keep your ballast clean even for months and months after the intake. No second treatment will apply when discharging the ballast while no regrowth will happen.

No filter means:  No filter errors – No filter maintenance – No wasted work hours – No lost operation time, No pressure drop, No stripping problems.  The fuel and operation time savings are highly visible. Techcross have moreover the smallest footprint on the market which is a great help in narrow spaces.

On many vessels, the ERS solution might void the need for: Deckhouse, upgrading framo pumps, extra unit for APT, installation booster pumps, tank stripping problems, pressure drops and extended operation time.

You have a free choice for the scope of delivery. From the simple purchase of a ballast water unit itself, where you will handle the entire retrofit project in-house, or you can ask for a turnkey solution for the entire retrofit project. The turnkey solution will save you a lot of time and it will make your retrofit project easier. It will also remove your hazzle to coordinate with several individual suppliers for the project